Monday June 10 2019

News Source: Fund Regulation


Type: General

Country: European Union

On 7th June 2019, the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) proposed options for presenting information on performance scenarios to be tested during the upcoming consumer testing exercise by the European Commission under the Level 2 Review of the PRIIPs KID Regulation.

For further details please refer to the letter from the Joint Committee of the ESAs to the European Commission and Annex to the letter.

Performance Scenario Options for Consumer Testing (Annex)

  • Current KID
  • Revised performance scenario table (probabilistic approach)
  • Revised performance scenarios (probabilistic approach) + past performance
  • Combining revised performance scenarios (probabilistic) with illustrative scenarios
  • Illustrative scenarios
  • Revised performance scenario table (probabilistic approach) plus illustrative scenarios
  • Revised performance scenarios (probabilistic approach) with “past performance” graph (second style) (2 elements)

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